The Daily Dozen - Wednesday, 16th January 2019.

Child 6-13 years Preventive Health Check

  • Growth velocities including BMI
  • School progress
  • ‘Lift the lip’ dental check
  • Nutrition
  • Physical activity
  • Family functioning
  • Behavioural or emotional problems
Preventive counselling and advice
  • Injury prevention
  • Sun protection
  • Social and emotional wellbeing
Typical facies (temporalis atrophy and frontal balding) + muscle weakness (+/- myotonia) + cataracts
Murtagh's Triads
Molly, age 24, presents with visual disturbance. At first she noted a flickering light near the center of her vision, then it expanded outwards. Shortly after this she developed a headache.
Classic migraine. Scintillating scotoma and binocular visual loss, followed usually (but not always) by a headache.

Jonathon Trobe University of Michagen Kellogg Eye Center

Vertigo + provoked by movement (especially rolling in bed) + Hallpike positive
Murtagh's Triads
Preventing acute kidney injury: which are the key drugs to be avoided on a sick day?
SAD MANS mnemonic: S sulfonylureas A ACE-inhibitors D diuretics M metformin A angiotensin receptor blockers N non-steroidal anti-inflammatory S SGLT2 inhibitors
Vertigo + vomiting + tinnitus + sensorineural deafness
Murtagh's Triads
Facies + intellectual disability + large testes
Murtagh's Triads
Judy, age 60, complains of a large sore red swollen lump on the inner corner of her right eye. If she presses on it, some pus-like discharge comes out. Judy has a history of chronic sinusitis.
Dacryocystitis. There is an inflamed swelling over the lacrimal sac and surrounding tissue. This can be due to chronic sinusitis, trauma or cancer blocking the nasolacrimal duct.

Jonathon Trobe University of Michagen Kellogg Eye Center

Abdominal pain + malar flush + fever +/- URTI
In a child
Murtagh's Triads
What does this Audiogram show?
Normal audiogram.
Fever + conjunctivitis + skin changes (cracked red lips, maculopapular rash, erythema of palms / soles, desquamation of fingertips)
Murtagh's Triads
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