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Saturday, 21st April 2018.Note: site undergoing updates. Audiogram/tympanogram quiz now back. KFP / AKT quizzes back soon.
Absolute Cardiovascular Risk
Absolute cardiovascular risk should be calculated every 2 years for:
  • Adults without established CVD aged 45 years and older.
  • ATSI adults aged 35 years and older
Weakness + constipation + polyuria
Sexual Infection Screening
  • All sexually active people 15-29: chlamydia annually
  • Low risk heterosexual asymptomatic requesting ‘STI check-up’: chlamydia, Hepatitis B, Syphilis and HIV
  • Sexual contacts from the last 6 months of infected women and men: Treat presumptively, retest 3-12 months for re-infection (not retesting for cure).
  • Asymptomatic men who have sex with men: urine and rectal swab for chlamydia, throat and rectal swab for gonorrhoea, HIV, syphilis, Hep A and B if not immune (offer vaccination)
  • HIV positive or history of IVDU: Hepatitis C
John, age 11, complains of a sore, sticky red left eye. Occasionally his vision has been a bit blurry, though this has cleared with blinking. On examination his acuity is 6/5 bilaterally.
Jenny, age 40, has a skin lump on her arm. On examination, it is 9mm, raised and soft with a bumpy surface. She thinks it has been there for a long time and hasn't changed recently in any way.
Ben, age 42, is a keen surfer. He has noticed a little red bump on the white of his eye over the past couple of days. It feels mildly uncomfortable but better after he uses artificial tears.
Dizziness + hearing loss + tinnitus (unilateral)
Julie, age 52, complains that her left eye is aching and red, and that it hurts to look at the light. She doesn't recall any trauma. Julie has a history of sarcoidosis but is otherwise well. On examination, there is no visible foreign body and fluorescein exam is normal. Intraoccular pressure is normal. Instillation of topical anaesthetic drops does not relieve the discomfort.
Cervical Cancer Screening
Screening with pap smears:
  • Should be done every 2 years, beginning at age 18 or 1-2 years after becoming sexually active
  • In pregnancy, should be done without using the cytobrush
  • In postmenopausal women with atrophy, vaginal oestrogens can be used for 2-3 weeks prior to the pap
  • In women with female sexual partners, they are still at risk of cervical cancer and should have normal screening
Asthma + rhinitis + vasculitis + hypereosinophilia
Toddler (12-18 months) Preventive Health Check
  • ‘Lift the lip’ dental check
  • Nutrition
  • Physical activity
  • Risk of iron depletion and vitamin D deficiency
  • Developmental progress including vision and hearing
  • Family functioning
Preventive counselling and advice
  • Social and emotional wellbeing
  • Toilet training
  • Behaviour management techniques
Arthralgia + weight loss + fever (+/- skin lesions)
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