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Lifestyle Modifications for Hypertension
  • >30min moderate-intensity exercise on most days
  • Smoking cessation
  • Waist circumference <94cm for men, or <80 cm for women.
  • Alcohol intake ≤2 standard drinks per day for males and ≤1 standard drink per day for females.
Kelly, age 23, presents with blurred vision, photophobia and foreign body sensation in her left eye since waking this morning. Kelly wears contact lenses. On examination, there is a hazy, irregular light reflection and fluorescein examination shows an area of ulceration. There is no evidence of foreign body.
Febrile illness + vomiting + stupor
David, age 68, presents for a routine review. He has a history of obesity, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and ischemic heart disease.
Joe, age 74, presents with confusion, headache, visual agnosia and dizziness. Pupils react normally to light. He is found to have a left homonymous hemianopia.
weakness + back pain + weight loss
Ben, age 42, is a keen surfer. He has noticed a little red bump on the white of his eye over the past couple of days. It feels mildly uncomfortable but better after he uses artificial tears.
Betty, age 76, has noticed a gradual decline in her vision. She complains that sometimes straight lines appear wavy and there seems to be a dark patch in the middle of her vision. She has stopped driving at night because she was finding this particularly difficult. Visual acuity is 6/9 left eye, 6/12 right eye.
Justin, age 48, is a keen windsurfer. He has noticed a growth on his left eye that seems to be slowly increasing in size over the past few months.
Stroke Risk
All patients with suspected TIA should have stroke risk assessment including the ABCD2 tool:
  • A = Age >60
  • B = BP >140/90
  • C = Clinical features of unilateral arm weakness (2 points) or speech impairment without weakness (1 poinit)
  • D = Duration >60min (2 points) or 10-59min (1 point)
  • D = Diabetes mellitus
Other important factors include AF, crescendo TIA (2 or more TIAs in the past week) or anterior circulation signs suggesting carotid disease.
Severe epigastric apin + nausea & vomiting + relative lack of abdominal signs
Maria, age 42, complains that her right eye is bulging and she has double vision. This has gradually been worsening over the past couple of weeks. She is otherwise well and hasn't noticed any fevers or any other symptoms.
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