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Tuesday, 24th April 2018.Note: site undergoing updates. Audiogram/tympanogram quiz now back. KFP / AKT quizzes back soon.
Lifestyle Modifications for Hypertension
  • >30min moderate-intensity exercise on most days
  • Smoking cessation
  • Waist circumference <94cm for men, or <80 cm for women.
  • Alcohol intake ≤2 standard drinks per day for males and ≤1 standard drink per day for females.
Bill, age 52, has had severe left eye pain and blurry vision for the last 2 hours. It started completely 'out of the blue'. He also feels sick, he has vomited twice and he has a terrible headache. He doesn't like looking at bright light but when he does he complains there are funny coloured rings around the lights.
Bruising + oral bleeding + epistaxis
Arthralgia + weight loss + fever (+/- skin lesions)
Weakness + constipation + polyuria
Ambulatory BP Monitoring
Indications for ambulatory BP monitoring include:
  • Large variations between BP readings
  • Suspected white coat hypertension
  • Resistant hypertension
  • Suspected hypotensive episodes
Joe, age 74, presents with confusion, headache, visual agnosia and dizziness. Pupils react normally to light. He is found to have a left homonymous hemianopia.
Finger discomfort + arthralgia + reflux (+/- skin tightness)
David, age 68, presents for a routine review. He has a history of obesity, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and ischemic heart disease.
Loin pain + haematuria + palpable loin mass
Upper motor neuron signs + lower motor neuron signs + fasciculations
Fatigue + weight loss + diarrhoea
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