Hello from GPTEC 2018!

I’m in Adelaide for the the GPTEC conference on September 11-13. To mark the occasion I’m giving this site a few updates, including several new features as well as bring back some old favourites. Although GP trove started out as a website by-and-for GP registrars, I’m still going to continue it now I’m a GP supervisor and soon-to-be OSCE marker. There will be more focus on knowledge and skill building (and maintenance) instead of just practice exam questions though. The Daily Dozen is back by popular request (see below), but I plan to improve this by moving more towards better targeted study points and key pitfalls over time. The link library has been refreshed with some new additions and a better layout. There is plenty more to do to organise these resources, but hopefully this is a step in the right direction.

If you’re a registrar or other exam candidate preparing for FRACGP exams, this site will continue to offer an array of free resources to help you, including the exam guide and the popular Decoding the KFP guide. Before you all write in to complain (again), the old array of Murtagh’s triads and the spot diagnosis quizzes have not disappeared, they have been integrated into the category pages (e.g. Skin, Eyes). That said, I do like hearing from you all, so any time you spot something that needs fixing, have an idea for something new, or want to request the reappearance of something old, please use the feedback form.

As always, there is nothing for sale here, there are no pirated exam prep resources allowed and the quizzes on this site are just for fun. I do it because it lets me try out ideas and learn how to make stuff. Plus a surprising number of you all keep visiting so something must be working. Enjoy!


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