The Daily Dozen - Thursday, 18th July 2019.

Molly, age 24, presents with visual disturbance. At first she noted a flickering light near the center of her vision, then it expanded outwards. Shortly after this she developed a headache.
Classic migraine. Scintillating scotoma and binocular visual loss, followed usually (but not always) by a headache.

Jonathon Trobe University of Michagen Kellogg Eye Center

Abdominal pain (low grade) + recurrent diarrhoea + blood eosinophilia
Murtagh's Triads
Joe, aged 5, is brought in by mum with a honey coloured crusty rash around his mouth. He is systemically well.
Impetigo. Also known as school sores, this is very common. Treatment might include topical bactroban, or oral antibiotics if extensive, and gently soaking off the crusts. Exclusion is only required until appropriate antibiotic treatment has commenced, but sores on exposed skin should be covered with a watertight dressing. Read more on DermNet
Facial rash + intellectual disability + seizures
*classic, but not always applicable
Murtagh's Triads
What does this Audiogram show?
Vertigo + vomiting + tinnitus + sensorineural deafness
Murtagh's Triads
What is the chest compression ratio for adults? Is it the same or different for a child?
30:2 (compressions: breaths) in adults, 15:2 in children for trained health professionals.
Abdominal pain + amenorrhea + abnormal vaginal bleeding
Murtagh's Triads

Testicular Cancer Risk

Risk factors for testicular cancer:
  • History of cryptorchidism
  • Orchidopexy
  • Testicular atrophy
  • Testicular cancer previously
There is insufficient evidence for screening using clinical or self examination.
Stepladder fever + abdominal pain + relative bradycardia
Murtagh's Triads
A rapidly enlarging painful ulcer with a purple, undermined border.
Male with dysuria + fever + perineal pain
Murtagh's Triads
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