Meet the MBS

This is an unofficial introduction to the Medical Benefits Schedule item numbers for GP registrars. It cannot tell you what to bill, but it is designed to increase your awareness of the proper requirements in order to use these item numbers accurately. It aims to achieve this by encouraging you to read the MBS, which is available freely online.


  1. Normal attendance items
  2. Care plans & chronic disease items – COMING SOON
  3. Health assessments – COMING SOON
  4. Mental health – COMING SOON
  5. Antenatal – COMING SOON
  6. Nursing homes – COMING SOON
  7. Home visits and out of hours – COMING SOON
  8. Workcover – COMING SOON
  9. Veterans – COMING SOON
  10. Procedures – COMING SOON
  11. Co-billing and split billing – COMING SOON
  12. Medicare vs. non-medicare – COMING SOON

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